You KNOW, in the deepest parts of your soul

that you’re meant to do something BIG.

Something that inspires & affects change.

You want to create a brand & work that moves people.

There is no other option for you.



You have pages, post its & an iPhone FULL of ideas.

You jump from writing – to Facebook – to branding – to chocolate & back again.

You’re definitely busy! Busy is your JAM!

But your wheels just spin… & spin… & spin…. 

You don’t know where to start or how to tie it all together 

in a way that expresses YOUR vision

the way YOU see it in that pretty lil’ head of yours…

How to transition your biz from what it is into what you want it to be. 


Painfully, PAINFULLY frustrating.

Coupled with an extremely uncomfortable sense of urgency.

Time is a tickin’…. 

It feels like it’s happening for everyone, but YOU.

Which has resulted in: 


You have short bursts of inspiration that get you all fired up

& SO excited to take action, start a revolution and change the world!

But the momentum quickly fades as you scroll through your newsfeed 

& begin COMPARING yourself to your peers….

Your branding, your credentials, your ideas, your thighs.



Tired of thinking’ about ’em, talking about ’em & trying to figure it all out.

You wanna drop ‘em like they’re hot & bask in the blissful RELIEF of



To wake up every morning SO friggin’ off the charts excited to start your day because you’re THAT energized by what you’re doing.

To know EXACTLY what you’re next step is & EXACTLY how to take it.

AND – if you don’t know, you want to know how to find out.


In your work, your message, your decisions & YOURSELF


Like the Universe has your back & that everything is FINALLY falling into place.

Insights, ideas & inspiration appear when you need them. 

The right peeps show up & the opportunities are knocking on YOUR door.

You want to see & FEEL progress in your work AND LIFE! 

You got into this whole online biz world for a reason.



You’ve created the same jail-like pattern & turned your dream “freedom” business into another, HARD, EXHAUSTING, UN-fulfilling JOB. 

Only now you work in old yoga pants (sans shower), for way more hours & way less money.


You’re not designed to “work” – you’re designed to PLAY. 

That means following your inspiration & doing what you WANT to do instead of what you think you “should do” or “have to do” – ALL OF THE TIME.

Just like you did when you were a child.

We come into this world without resistance, we believe in ourselves, follow our inspiration *without* judgment & let what wants to be created & expressed come THROUGH us in each & every moment.

Kid’s don’t look around for some other kid’s strategy & then write out lists, make a “plan”, put it on their calendar & then try to FORCE themselves to painfully sit in a chair & “execute” it.

(how’s that working for you by the way?)

You are designed to operate just as you did when you were that firey little girl. The only thing in the way is your conditioning. The feeling that it’s wrong – that YOU’RE wrong. 

Which makes letting it be EASE-Y scary AF! 

It also ignites all of that perfectionism, procrastination, pleasing & proving you’re doing & working that way feels like a big’ol bowl of EFFORT that leaves you more & more exhausted even if you ARE successful – especially if you are – because now you have to MAINTAIN IT.


And you experience it by BE-ing who you are – not by DO-ing who are you. 

That means seeing, owning & VALUING gifts, talents, expertise & allowing your MAGNIFICENCE to be what it is, then trusting it & YOU to be MORE than enough.

This is what the EASE-Y MONEY™ Program will do for you. 

The EASE-Y MONEY™ Program will show you how to :

* CLIMB OUT OF OVERWHELM so you can feel lighter, more focused, clear & confident about your direction & your decisions as you transition. You’ll know EXACTLY what to do to leave these patterns behind you FOR GOOD. (& get the tools to help you do it).

* MANAGE YOUR ENERGY so you can FINALLY move through the FRUSTRATION & URGENCY that’s making you cray – cray…  & consistently start moving forward with your work (& your life!) with MORE EASE.

* And to give you the TOOLS that are NEEDED as you DETOX, DESIGN & RE-ALIGN your biz & your life as you embark on the brave path of leadership & allow YOU & your truest, dreams & desires to come true.



This phase consists of 4 exercises where you’ll learn to read your reality, see your patterns & your (whole) SELF on a WHOLE other level!

You’ll see exactly why you’re stuck flipping from feeling overwhelmed & wanting to do nothing to an extreme sense of urgency to DO more & back again.

You’ll see what made you a procrastinator, pleaser, prover, pusher &/or perfectionist & how to STOP – for GOOD.

And you’ll get a new perspective on what it means to RECEIVE that’ll show you how to take your power back from money & make it your bitch – instead of the other way around.

You gotta see yourself to be yourself & in this exercise you’re going to learn to read your reality which will allow you to see yourself on a WHOLE other level.

You’ll also see WHY you’re addicted to effort & have created those horrible working habits that keep you feeling trapped, drained & unhappy.

In this weeks exercise you’ll see – specifically – how you’ve created this exhausting, frustrating mess from the inside out as well as what will change it.

It’ll also give you a new perspective on how to RECEIVE.

Grab some tissues, but don’t worry, in the next exercise you’re gonna feel like a superstar.

This is gonna be fun.

Time to RE-discover your most powerFULL self. The you who is a fucking FIERCE, sexy, little minx.

The you who is ALIVE & UNSTOPPABLE.

Who has an unwavering belief in herself, does what she wants – when she wants, KNOWS she’s a star & never apologizes for it.

When you prioritize yourself the rest falls into place.

In this exercise you’ll see exactly HOW to do this.

This part of you knows the difference between force & POWER – she chooses the latter.

Feeling good is meant to feel good & you’ll see what’s possible if you let her lead the way. 


The word confidence means “INTENSE TRUST”.

And as you let go of “working” & instead PLAY your way through business & life – trust me… your gonna need it. 

You’ll see that you were actually born with trust – in you, your gifts & life itself. 

These tools will show you where it was broken & how to rebuild it.

You’ll learn how to find, face & USE your DEEPEST fears as both a compass & a healing tool. You’ll also see that you really only have 1 fear – which’ll keep things WAY more efficient, effective & ease-ier for you as you move forward. #winning

And last, but never least – you’ll learn how to not only TAKE, but RELY on INSPIRED action. Even when it feels scary. Even when it makes no sense. And even when it may rock the boat. 

Over the course of exercises 1-4, you’ll see for yourself, why & how you hold yourself back, play WAY smaller than you are & why you can’t or won’t let it be ease-y. 

This week you’ll learn about how you originally created the beliefs that resulted in these patterns in your life.

I’m gonna show you how to go right to the ROOT & then show you how to use THE MAGIC CARPET RIDE™ process so you can learn how to shift ’em, get some answers of your own & let that shit go for good.

You know how when you feel stuck you perpetuate the awful feeling of WAITING for your life to be created?

This module is designed to show you how to stop doing that!

You’ll learn how to stay in motion – even when challenges arise or it feels like fear might get the best of you.

You’ll see what creates your suffering & how NOT to freeze & downward spiral every time something didn’t play out the way you thought it should, as well as, how to turn it around & get back into the BLUE ZONE so you can KEEP moving, aligning & creating. 


You’ll also get 3 complementary bonus classes that’ll help you take everything to the next level as you move forward.

Your body knows what’s UP.

She’s not just this fleshy, casing that allows you to move through the physical world – she’s designed to GUIDE you & she’ll always direct you to what’s best for you – IF you stop being such a bitch & listen to her.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • how early childhood trauma affects your health, the way you age & your body.
  • how to see her in a new light so you can become BFFs & change the way you treat her.
  • how to hear what she’s trying to tell you & how to rebuild trust so you’ll listen.
  • how to let go of the right/wrong, good/bad, egoic, EXHAUSTING, diet mindset & BLUE ZONE your food.
  • how the way you treat your body affects your purpose & creativity.
  • how what you EAT can influence your bank account!

Your sexuality is your GREATEST asset – in your business & all areas of your life.

In this class, you’ll get an exercise that’ll let you see for yourself how powerful it is & it has NOTHING to do with how you look.

You’ll also learn :

  • how your sexuality is the KEY to the ONE thing keeping you stuck & how it can make you a magnet for what you want to create.
  • why orgasms are considered a PHEnomenal manifesting tool.
  • how to find what stifles your most ferocious sexiest self – so you can stop.
  • how to embrace & allow more NOT guilty pleasure & increase your tolerance for it.

Look, I know you may be feeling like droopy, bloopy, wilted parsley right now, but did you know if you run wilted parsley underwater it’ll come back to life & then stand all ERECT?

I’m gonna show you how to water your parsley so you can bring back that CHARGE & keep it crispy! And it doesn’t have to take long at all…

You are not alone… Simultaneously creepy & comforting isn’t it?

In this class I’m gonna show you how to live stream your creativity, delegate the grunt work to other dimensions & make magic & MIRACLES your new normal.

You’ll learn:

  • How I discovered I had a “team” & developed my mediumship abilities.
  • What miracles really are & how to RELY on them – while you do your thing.
  • How I connect to my team, receive their messages & how I learned to trust them.
  • The difference between psychic energy & mediumship & what hinders your connection to TOS.
  • How to intentionally trigger downloads, ideas, inspiration & channel your work.
  •  How to know where to direct YOUR focus & where to get out of the way so “they” can do their damn job.
  • How to use readings with other psychic mediums as a tool for faith, clarity & expanding your vision.
  • Plus bonus clips of how my MAGIC CARPET RIDE PROCESS™ was created via TOS.


“EVERY HUMAN NEEDS THIS.” I can’t recommend Susan’s work highly enough. She helps you get right to the “root” of your stuff (which pretty much makes any other personal development unnecessary / bonus).
GROUND BREAKING. Susan Ferraro is a literal personal development genius. She has an uncanny fast-track way of making you drill down to what ails you and helps guide you to arrive at your own developmental conclusions – which in a world where err’body is about the bandaids and the quick fixes – her approach is incredibly refreshing – and sustainably, long-lasting in terms of shift results.” 
“THIS WORK IS CRITICAL.  I CANNOT stop raving about Susan Ferraro’s EASE-Y MONEY™ program. It has helped me so much as a new mom and business owner. I felt so off, like something wasn’t right, but didn’t know what or how to fix it. Anxiety through the roof! She’s helped clear old beliefs and it’s changed my life.
I’VE STARTED WORKING A LOT LESS, CHARGING A LOT MORE AND MY LIFE HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED. Before the EASE-Y MONEY™ Program my life and business were in complete chaos. I had a lot of issues with setting boundaries with work. I was working all the time and not charging enough for what I was doing.

I also knew deep down I really wanted to be doing something different, but I didn’t even really know quite what that looked like. 

I had a lot of blocks in my life and a lot of frustration. I was super tired, I was working like 70-80 hours a week, not giving myself a break, not valuing what I was doing and really chasing my tail in all aspects of my life.

I felt like I had no clue what I wanted to do or why my life wasn’t going the way that I wanted it to go.  In doing the EASE-Y MONEY™ Program I figured out that I actually did know what I wanted to be doing and I actually do know who I am.

It was just life-changing, completely life changing.

Since then, I’ve been able to figure out the direction I want to move in. I’ve been able to set a lot better boundaries in my life. I’ve gotten really clear on what I want to allow and what I don’t want to allow. I’ve started working a lot less, I’ve started charging a lot more and my life has completely changed. 

If you can go into this with an open mind, it will change your life. If you’re frustrated and you want something that will help you, this will help you. It can’t not help you. I know not everything works for everyone, but there is something in this course that will change your life, it’s worth it.” 

IT’S PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST, IF NOT THE BEST, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM THAT I’VE DONE – AND I’VE DONE QUITE A FEW. But the things that I unearthed and the changes that I made in a relatively short period of time has been absolutely enormous, they’ve been profound. I think the biggest transformation since completing the EASE-Y MONEY™ program was I have totally reframed my money mindset.

I have allowed myself to earn money literally easily and effortlessly. My understanding of abundance has totally shifted, and I guess the most powerful thing that I got out of the program was learning who I am, not at a superficial level, but at a soulful level.

And while some of the work is challenging, I’ll be completely transparent about that, the outcome and the clarity and what you gain from it is literally life-changing. I get goosebumps saying that because I can see how far I have come and how much my life has changed through doing the work.

Friends are noticing how I’m different. My husband has certainly noticed big differences and things between us have skyrocketed and there has been no other reason to explain that. 

It’s a program that will literally, literally change and shape your life, and I’d have no hesitation in recommending it.

THIS WHOLE EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING.  Life altering in so many ways. I don’t think I could ever encapsulate in good enough words the difference it’s made not only for me, but for my friend, my family, my clients, my business & my life. I just see things differently.  I have a whole different value that I place on myself, on the things that I do, on how I speak to people, on how they speak to me the whole way I perceive the world & my place in it is different as a result of the work we did in EASE-Y MONEY™.”
I’M ABLE TO HEAL MYSELF. I have constantly spent so much money over the past few years on coaching & strategists and all of these things on the outside and now I finally feel like I can heal myself, by myself, which is priceless.



Susan Ferraro is the former burnt out, pissed off Design Director of the US brand Kate Spade New York turned Mindset Coach, Speaker & Creator of the transformational program – EASE-Y MONEY™.
After years of creating a lot of success as a designer in the fashion industry & (over)achieving everything she ever wanted – at the expense of her time, energy & health – she realized she didn’t want any of it.
She then entered the online biz world seeking FREEDOM only to find herself repeating the same damn EXHAUSTING patterns.
After a shit ton of blood, sweat & tears she finally found a way to let go of her horrifying work habits – such as perfectionism, procrastination as well as the blood, sweat & tears – & has shifted HOW she makes money from EFFORT & EXHAUSTION to ENERGY & EASE.
Through her content, products & programs, she now teaches other brilliant albeit tired, overworked women how to do the same.    



* You’re an ARTIST, LEADER &/or CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR with vision & a message.

(even if you’re not clear on what it is yet.)

* You know for SURE that you want

to create a business & life around YOU.

(Even though you have no freakin’ idea what that looks like!)


* You want to feel EXPRESSED & FREE

& you’re ready & WILLING to do what it takes

– inside & outside.

(OBVIOUSLY – participation is CRUCIAL if you want to see & feel results – both during the program, but also for life – this is a new way of living & creating in the world.)


Whenever we’re letting go of resistance things can shift quickly,

BUT this IS NOT a “quick fix / magic bullet”.

However, it IS lasting.

* This is a program about GROWTH.

Real, sustained growth.

It is about expanding your business & your work, absolutely,

but from first expanding your soul. Literally.

No funnel talk up in here. 

* Some of the work you will do is VERY deep – the deepest.

It’s important that you have a solid level of self-awareness

& a willingness to explore & “see” all of you.

’cause you will…& sometimes, it’s a surprise. 😉 

* You’re gonna be asked to dive into

ALL aspects of your life.

You may have to face some things you may have not wanted to face,

admit or even remember for a long time.

(Honesty is the best policy.)

* You’ll look at your sexuality.

If you prefer a rated *G* life – this program is not for you. 

Fun will be had & it can also be intense at times,

but I promise you, everything you dream of is on the other side allowing your truest most GLORIOUS self.

* If you’re on the fence – watch the testimonial videos to hear what the other women who have done the program have to say.





If you can see the path, it’s not yours.

You’re going to learn how to navigate the dark waters & create without feeling like you have to figure it all FIRST or figure it all out on your own.

You’ll also see – CLEARLY – that your “purpose” isn’t a ‘what’ – it’s a WHO.

And by allowing that WHO – in each and every moment – the path you can’t see magically unfolds before your eyes. 

All you have to do is allow 😉


Does this word make you wanna run off to a galaxy far, far away?

I used to believe I was a commitmentphobe myself, avoided it like the plague, but in doing that I ended up feeling MORE trapped. 

That FREEDOM you crave? 

It’s on the other side of your commitment.

I’ll show you why you haven’t been able to commit & what’ll make it feel GOOD.


Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes CONFIDENT.

You’ll have a clear picture of what you need to do to BE who you really are & share it with the world.

You’ll also learn how to pinpoint the root of what’s holding you back & keeping you from ALLOWING it – (YOU).

AND I’ll show you how to step into it in a way by releasing your resistance to yourself, as well as how to USE your fear instead of TORTURING yourself by dancing around it.


You’re here – on this planet – to BE an expression.

Not just in your work, but in all areas of life.

What the hell good are your gifts, talents & all of the ingredients

that make you- YOU – if you’re hidin’ them?

Owning your genius is where you’ll feel the most fulfilled & the most ALIVE.

Do you even remember what feeling ALIVE feels like??
Wouldn’t you prefer to get paid for that feeling instead of exhaustion & effort?

EASE-Y MONEY™ will show you why you make something that SHOULD feel fun, feel SO. DAMN. HARD. & then give you the tools for how to LET it be EASE-Y & receive money for it – which leads me to…


For work that doesn’t feel like work.

You’re gonna learn how to allow, accept & receive money

for those things that come most ease-ily to you.

The things that are fun. That get you excited to talk about.

The things that you push to the bottom of your “to do”

list – because you don’t think they’ll make you money or because you need to

overcomplicate everything so you feel you CAN receive money for it so you don’t feel

lazy or like you didn’t dance around like a performing monkey long enough, hard enough. Just. Stop.


How much time do I need to devote to the module work?
The program modules take 6 weeks to roll out (not including the bonus week 7) Each module has a video or 2 ranging 30-90 mins depending on the exercises.

The exercises in Phase 1 are about in-depth clarity so they can take a bit. Everyone is different of course, but the deeper you go, the better it is for you so give yourself enough time to write & reflect.

This is definitely something you’ll want to give yourself time for – this whole program is about learning to honor & prioritize your needs & desires.

Phase 2 is about learning how the tools work & how to use them going forward. If you’re doing the LIVE Group Coaching Option – this is where the calls will begin.

With all that being said, many of the women who’ve done the program are moms, entrepreneurs, have full-time careers & full lives. It can be done.

I’m always looking for ways to simplify & make things easier & I understand we all have busy lives, but at the same time, the only way to it – is through it & EASE-Y MONEY™ only works if you do. 😉

What are the benefits of doing the LIVE VIP Coaching Option VS. the DIY Option?
The ego is not a fan of my work.

While one of my gifts is making all of this self-love/self-realization hullabaloo pretty damn SIMPLE – it’s still the deepest work you can do & resistance to it is not uncommon.

Weeks 1-4 are gonna feel pretty fun because your a-ha moments & seeing yourself so clearly are gonna keep you motivated – but come week 5… you’ll be introduced to a tool that’s not just gonna poke the sleeping bear, it’s gonna wake that bitch UP & you’ll look him dead in the eye, feel & deal.

This can be uncomfortable (it will be uncomfortable) even for the most aware individual.

But the TRUTH is where your ease, freedom & fulfillment live – so it’s WORTH IT.

That said the coaching calls are great for you –

  • If you like personal/custom support as you learn how to use these tools for acceptance, then yes, do the calls.
  • If you tend to start things with a lot of energy & vigor, but then lose momentum & fall into resistance – do the calls.
  • If you know you want to shift for good & you’re ready & willing to do the inner work it takes – do the calls.
  • If you wish you had some like-minded women to share this crazy, roller coaster experience of becoming yourself with – DO. THE. CALLS.

You get the tools with either option, but the calls are great for anyone who knows without a doubt they are done with hiding & are ready & willing to prioritize who they came here to BE while letting the diving chips fall where they may.

* If you’re still on the fence – WATCH the FULL testimonial videos – they share how they felt about the calls.

What if I can't make the LIVE Bonus Classes?
Women from all over the world do this program so there is no time that works for everyone.

YES – the classes WILL BE recorded & you’ll also be given an opportunity to submit Qs beforehand.

They’ll be available to you as soon as they are uploaded to the site (within 48 biz hours after the class) & you’ll be notified by email once they’re ready for you.

What if I can't make the LIVE VIP GROUP COACHING CALLS?
Because we go deep fast I DO NOT record the coaching calls. If you can’t make a call, but get stuck I will always make sure you get what you need in the Private VIP Facebook Group throughout the duration of the program.
How much of the program is about business vs. the rest of my life?
I want to make this CRYSTAL CLEAR – this is NOT a business program.

While you will certainly look at your business & the patterns that you’re creating in it and with it, this is much more of a WHOLE life program in every sense of the word whole.

We do not talk business tips in here – I’m not teaching Facebook Ads or about funnels or anything of that.

I teach you how to allow what you’re truly meant to be doing & being in this world & let that / YOU be a magnet for what you want to receive.

This looks different for everyone. 

If you can see the path it’s not yours – & this is about learning how to have the courage & conviction to CREATE & navigate that path – YOUR PATH – with CONFIDENCE.

You will go through each area of your life & become aware of behaviors, emotions & beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your patterns of EFFORT. Then you’ll be given the teachings & tools to shift them.

You’ll see for yourself that YOU are the common denominator. Everything on the outside starts with YOU on the inside & that is what you’ll focus on in this program.

I've already done SOOOO much personal development work - WHY IS THIS DIFFERENT?
Many programs out there focus on the mind – on self awareness. Which is CRUCIAL.

But self awareness alone does not shift things. In fact, you’re probably already pretty aware of a lot of your shit am I right?

Yet you still fall into the same patterns again and again or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Self awareness + SELF ACCEPTANCE is what allows self actualization – the realization of the (true) self – that’s your ease & freedom baby cakes

So this program IS about making the unconscious – conscious, but it’s also about learning how to get back into your body – out of your overthinking mind – & processing the crap that’s been stuffed down deep inside. It’s not just about seeing it, it’s about feeling it & letting it go.

And that’s done via le bod.

It’s deeply emotional & that’s where the magic begins to happen.

I’ve been told over & over that this is the best program my other students have ever done.

It’s liberating, exciting & scary AF at times.

It’s up to you how fast you want to do the healing work & move forward, your mind will always offer up what’s next in line & everyone is different, but you can’t NOT see yourself & your life differently if you truly do this work.

You’ll see that for yourself in the 1st 4 weeks. If you need more to go on PLEASE watch the testimonial videos & hear what other women have had to say.

How much time does it take to transition my life & my business?
YES – shifts can happen immediately & do happen fast sometimes – but this is NOT a quick fix.

This this is about trasnformation & creating LASTING change from the core of who you are.

I’m gonna show you how to develop self-awareness at the deepest level & at a RAPID pace & you’ll see the root to your issues immediately & learn to connect all of the dots – but it’s up to you how quickly you let yourself go there, use the tools I give you & do the work to heal & rebuild your trust in yourself.

The sooner & more consistent you are with owning, acting on & ALLOW-ing the TRUTH of who you are by being a vessel & following your inspiration – the sooner you’ll see & feel results.

You’ll also learn how “divine timing” is at play too – so sometimes what you think is taking too long is actually SO right on time.

Please know – this program isn’t about getting “there” it’s about learning how to make “there” – here – in each & every moment (which is how to get there ;))

What will happen to my existing business? Do I have to let it go?
Absolutely not. You don’t “have” to do anything.

The whole point of this work is to learn how to feel safe following your inspiration, joy, passion & excitement again. Safe to do what YOU want all day every day & to trust that!

You will see exactly where you are in and out of alignment with your true self & you’ll receive a tool to use moving forward that doesn’t let you hide from the truth 🙂

You’ll also see exactly what holds you back from feeling safe to live in flow /play & letting things be ease-y & how to shift it – but ALL CHOICES are still up to you.

You can go as fast or as slow as you like as you step onto your truest path to yourself & you can even change your mind and say no thanks I’ll stick with comfort & safety.

Your life is LITERALLY up to you. Always & forever.

If your current business or line of work isn’t aligned, you will see it & feel it, but you’ll learn how to get into flow so you can be guided out of it or guided to shift it in a way so that it is aligned.

Sudden leaps are totally possible – this is about following what feels inspiring to YOU – you’re always in control.

The only thing holding me back is the investment - help!
EASE-Y MONEY™ now has a more affordable DIY option (without coaching) so I can offer it at a NEW lower price AND there are several NEW payment plans – click here to see them.

But this program is an investment, for sure, that’s why I want to make sure you have everything you need to make the decision that feels good for you.

If the money is the issue here are some prompts I’d use for myself.

Do I feel “pulled” or “nudged” or “excited” to do this & am I’m willing to believe I can find a way?

Will I feel sad if I don’t? – Like when you see shoes you really want, but you don’t buy them out of fear, then you can’t stop thinking about them for years to come.

Does it feel simultaneously exciting & scary? (a yes for me.)

Honestly though, I don’t do pros & cons to try to convince myself & I don’t want to do it to convince you.

The bottom line: Go with your gut.

I’d never want you to suffer or not be able to feed your children for an online program, so please make sure you make a decision that feels good. * And you can see the refund policy below.

*PLEASE READ* Because I 1000% believe in The EASE-Y MONEY™ Program it comes with a 14 Day (from purchase) money back guarantee. If you do the work & see know difference in your perception or awareness then forward us your COMPLETED worksheets from any of the modules you’ve received & you’ll receive your money back – no Qs asked.

**** BUT **** So we’re super, duper, crystal clear on expectations… EASE-Y MONEY™ DOESN’T WORK UNLESS YOU DO.

I can teach you everything you need to “know” in order to jump into the driver’s seat of your life & create whatever it is that you want & give you the tools I use to do it, BUT ONLY YOU CAN DO IT.

Only YOU can be responsible for your results.

If you’re expecting to sit & watch me spew info at you via video, but then not do the work – YOU’RE IN THE WRONG PLACE.

This program is DEEP & full of the tools I use personally, but YOU still need to be honest about what it is you need to do – & then DO IT – to create the change you want.

There is NO magic bullet & your reality will always reflect if YOU are doing your part. Please understand that before you buy.

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The tools in EASE-Y MONEY™ will give you:


A way of working designed around your natural rhythm that GIVES you ENERGY so you can get the RIGHT shit done, feel lighter, more free, align with abundance & feel fucking ALIVE again.


You’ll see exactly who you are, who you’re being instead, where your struggle lives, where your EASE lives, what created it & how to shift. 

You’ll also learn how to feel in control as you create & navigate your OWN path – cause darlin’, you can’t be a trailblazer if you’re following someone else’s trail…


In your intuition, your inspiration, life, the U & yourSELF. You’ll gain a deeper connection to all of you, why your here + the tools to muster up the COURAGE to express it. 

A NEW FINANCIAL PERSPECTIVE : that’ll show you how you’ve been giving your power away to money, how to take it back & RECEIVE in a way that feels EASE-Y & ENERGIZES you instead of depletes you.

I’m gonna show you how to bitch slap creative resistance & trigger INSPIRED action. 
Hint: inspiration is not something you wait for, it’s something you connect to.

And my personal favorite – how to get UNstuck & so you can create CONSISTENT, FLOWING, FORWARD MOMENTUM.